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Sailing to Croatia from
2 to 15 August!


17/08: birthday

30/08: starting a new year in Hove, England!



Orphan Black, Orange Is The New Black, Free! ES, Neon Genesis Evangelion


Nothing by Janne Teller, ASOIAF, Shingeki No Kyojin

we  were  never  warned

[As Arthur wept he called the wrath of heaven on the lovers who’d betrayed him]
After the affair was exposed Sir Lancelot escaped however Queen Guinevere was seized by the guards and sentenced to burn at the stake for treason. Upon hearing the news of Guineveres pending execution Sir Lancelot made attempts to rescue his lover, in the process killing many of the kings guards. Such to the King’s fury he chased Lancelot to France where the Knight had fled howevers his chase was a futile endeavour. After the death of the King Arthur, Guinevere retreated from court life and went to Amesbury where she lived out her days as a nun in a convent. She met Sir Lancelot once more at the grave of King Arthur before bidding each other farewell.  

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